The path of my life is never easy. It’s fill of challenges and changes, but every chance has awakened my ingenuity. It conveys triumph and my victories.

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The love of beauty commences with the fondness of our journey in existence. It is the complete appreciation for the symmetry of the magnificence of the facial countenance and the brilliance of the soul.

As a prolific make-up artist who starts up with modest taps, strokes, and a packet of colors, every face that I impinge upon is a living canvas. These living canvasses have stories, vibrancy, and fulfilling victories.

Each person is sketched with colors that add peppiness to their life. These colors have a fierce statement. Some can be stories of trying and mostly conquest and winning.

My life emanates from the collection of struggle, adventure, mission, and accomplishment that makes me who I am at the present. As someone who started from a humble beginning, gaining every piece in life can be fulfilled through determination, faith, and courage.

As I live to tell my colors, my tales, my pain, and my joy, I pray that I can offer a crucial impression on this world as an artist who dreams, loves, share, and discern beauty in all shapes. I withstand through every color and every hue, I conquer by fortitude in a moment of darkness and blues, I win through the light of truth and the brightness of love, I will be blissful and be tickled pink that even in the gray area of my path, I will remain thriving and flourishing.

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